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Artwork For Personalised Printed Balloons

When you ask us to supply you with some personalised printed balloons we will need some artwork, that’s at the heart of the whole process.  When I talk about ‘Artwork for personalised printed balloons’ I don’t mean that I will be getting my brushes and paints out and whipping up a quick Monet or Van Gogh (if only I could), the artwork is actually what you want printed onto the balloons.  This can take the form of a conpany logo, plain text, a graphic of some sort, maybe a photo or a combination of one or more of these.

What Artwork will we need to Print Balloons?

The artwork we use will depend on what you want us to print for you, it may be from a logo that you supply, one of our pre-designed templates, a specific design of text and graphics, or maybe a design from your graphic designer.  The option you go with will determine what you are sending us and if there will be any additional costs.

Simple Text and/or Graphic Designs

You tell us what you want and we will put something together for you, it won’t be fancy and it won’t be smart, but it will be fairly well designed and will get your message across.  We will put the artwork together and send it to you for approval and if we have made any mistakes or you need any changes we will gladly change the design and resubmit to you for approval.  There will be no additional cost for this.

Complex Text and/or Graphic Designs

If you want something specific that is beyond my capabilities or will take too much time we will need to send the artwork out to a graphic designer to create for us.  If you need this sort of service then there will be an additional cost and we will be able to supply you with a price based on your specific needs.

Your logo or Design

You can of course send us your logo or graphic file and we can then work with that image.  Most companies that you talk to will require a graphic image to be in a specific format such as Adobe Illustrator files and be of a specific size and quality such as at least 300 dpi at a minimum of 3 inches.  That’s all well and good, but in the real world you may not have that and to be honest, in a lot of cases it makes no difference.  Just send us the best quality image you can get and we will do our best to work with it.  It may require us to send it out to the graphic designer to be re-drawn at an additional cost, but most times we can work with it at no additional cost.  We will give you a price before incurring any additional spending.

As most of our work is printing in a single colour of ink we may need to convert your logo/design into a single colour, this is normally fairly easy and therefore free of charge, if, however, it is more difficult it may need to be sent to the graphic designer at an additional charge, and as usual we will let you know first.

Before we go to print we will send you a proof of your artwork and you will be required to approve the design, this is just so that we know what you want and that you know what we are doing for you.


We can print photos onto balloons but it really will depend on the original photo as to how good a result can be achieved.  It is best if the photo is of good quality, bright, in focus, and with good contrast.  Do try to stay away from the sort of photo that is taken on a cheap phone with a dirty lens, all shaky with the top of the person’s head chopped off 🙂 We can take your photos via email (best) or in person or by post and scan them onto the computer ourselves.  If you are sending us an important photo then please use a secure mail service and let us know.

We print photos in a dark colour of ink, preferably black, and this means that you will be limited to the lighter colours of balloons.  The balloon will be printed as if it was a black and white image with high contrast so there will be no colour in it.

When preparing the photos for printing we will normally crop in close to the subject and remove any backgrounds etc.

Although we normally print photos of people (for birthdays, engagements, anniversaries etc), we have also been asked to print other things including schools, castles, and an unusual number of cars.
If you have any questions about the artwork you need then please do not hesitate to contact me via email at info@celebrationballoons.biz or via the contact form here.